Studio Grin

Color Grading and Post-Production




What we do

We are a boutique post-production studio owned and managed by Leon Grin, an experienced colorist and post-production professional. We are located in south Tel Aviv and provide the full palette of services you need to finish your films. We do color grading for documentaries, independent films, commercials, corporate movies, and more. We also make DCPs and deliveries to all platforms, such as web, social media, TV broadcast, DVD, etc. Our goal is to achieve the highest-quality look, with quick and reliable service. 



  • Color Grading

  • Color Corrections

  • Noise Reduction

  • Digitizing

  • Conforming

  • Transcoding

  • Final Exports

  • DCP Creation

We provide all aspects of professional video post-production services to finalize your films and bring them to audiences. Our care for your work is matched by the affordability of our prices.


Contact us:

Leon Grin

33 Yesod Hamaala St., Tel Aviv